Natural slate roofing from Spain

Slate roofing is manufactured by hand in the quarries in Spain. Used since roman times, slate is an outstandind material that stood the test of time. The slates are fastened to the beams with nails or special hooks making the installation simple and easy. In the Estonian climate we recommend using the thicker sort of slates as used in Scandinavia for avoiding damages caused by ice and snow.

Natural slate is the material with less environmental impact due to its simple anufacturing process. Once extracted, natural slate simply need to be cut to size and packaged for distribution thus having smaller ecological footprint than other roofing materials.

We are also offering slate roofs with integrated solar panels.

Slate is a product with unmatchable technical properties that adapts to any project, always providing considerable added value. Natural slate gives any roof or facade an inimitable, timeless, unchanging appearance. Its elegance and personality confer a unique character. Our resolute commitment to quality has earned us the trust of thousands of architects, installers and customers, reaffirming our world leadership in the natural slate sector. 




Slate’s natural properties give it exceptional technical characteristics: long service life, waterproofing and fireproofing. Unlike other prefabricated materials, natural slate will not change, either in appearance or in performance.

Our totally natural slate is only subject to extraction and craft working processes, with no need for additional treatments. This makes it the ideal material for more sustainable construction to reduce environmental impacts.

The natural sheen and inimitable texture of natural slate make it an elegant material with a unique personality. As a differentiating feature it confers prestige to any surface where it is used and ensures a timeless style with incredible durability.

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