One off solutions

Shingle and lathe roofing

We are offering additionally to the lath and shinge roofing a possibility to lay some patterns into the roofing. We are using preimpregnated shingles or laths and precise planning to achieve a good looking result. 

Ecological and historic building

We are offering renovation and repurposing of historic buildings. We use traditional and ecological technologies and materials- reed mats, lime- and clay plasters, egg-oil temperas, natural oils and much more.

Wooden terraces

We offer building of wooden terraces. It’s possible to fabricate terraces out of deep-impregnated wood or wane wood resulting one of a kind terrace.

Sheds and playgrounds

We are offering building small houses, whether it’s a playground or a shed. A nice house for trash containers will brighten the looks of an apartment building.

Wooden greenhouses

The newest trend is to rise a plycarbonate greenhouse in your garden. One of the few, we are offering traditional glass greenhouse on a wooden substructure. It will add value and practicality to any traditional wooden house.

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