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We are offering complex solutions for private houses, residential buildings and also for public real estate, whether it is building a completely new house or a full overhaul. We can provide laying the foundation, building the constructions and roofs, also installing doors, windows and technical systems completed with interior finishing.

We have acquired over time a wide range of knwoledge and skills to provide solutions for every special need- whether it’s a patterned shingel roof on a historic building or a colourful playhouse for kids.

Natural slate stone roofing, shingel and lath roofing, seamed or profile metal roofing, stonetile roofing and skylights

Renovation and isolation of facades. Natural slate facades.

Full ort partial renovation of private houses, residential buildings and public real estate. 

Playgrounds, sheds and greenhouses. Patterned shingel roofin, landscaping and other special solutions.

Lompka SK OÜ

Põllu 2, Võru, Estonia

tel +372 510 8462