Slate roofing is manufactured by hand in the quarries in Spain. Used since roman times, slate is an outstandind material that stood the test of time. The slates are fastened to the beams with nails or special hooks making the installation simple and easy. In the Estonian climate we recommend using the thicker sort of slates as used in Scandinavia for avoiding damages caused by ice and snow.

Natural slate is the material with less environmental impact due to its simple anufacturing process. Once extracted, natural slate simply need to be cut to size and packaged for distribution thus having smaller ecological footprint than other roofing materials.

We are also offering slate roofs with integrated solar panels.

Shingel and lath roofing

We are offering traditional wooden roofing like shindel and lath roofing. We have gathered over the years significant skills and knowledge, that only by traditions could be learned. We can only recommend using wooden roofing as we know, that a wellpreserved lath roofing can last up to 60 years.

We offer install for wooden houses and small erections. As a special solution a patterned roofing can be installed.

Seamed and profiled metal roofing

Profiled metal roofing is one of the most cost effective roofing type and does not sty far behind from other types of roofing. Thanks to its low weight, it does not need as dense substructure as a stone tile roofing.

As a traditional roofing we are offering also seamed metal roofing to install on historic buildings or roofs with complicated shapes (chimneys, spheres etc).

Stone tile roofing and skylights

Additionaly to slate stone roofing we are providing stone tiled roofing. The stone tile roofing has the advantage of long lifespan and aesthetics.

We also install skyligths to all types of roofs.

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